Friday, October 29, 2010

Yellowstone Park. I May Have Left Out Some Stuff.

Blogging can be a lot of hard work. >Whine< On this trip, shooting 300-400 pictures almost every day, checking into a new home every night, loading all our gear into the room, uploading the pictures from two cameras to my laptop, sorting through pictures and videos, deciding which to use in my blog posts, listing and uploading the pictures to blogger which is a freaking BITCH due to varying internet access bullshit depending on where ever I might be, researching information, actually writing my blog post, etcetcetc, some things might get lost in the cracks. Imagine that. I forgot to add in this picture of the swan I saw on Yellowstone River. Yes, it's out of focus, but I don't care. I still like it. I like the sparkly light in the water. Plus, I like swans. I believe I forgot to put in this video of a hot spring and fumerole:
And I think I forgot to add in these videos of Mammoth Hot Springs from the top looking down:
Just to let you know, I'm almost caught up on my blog drafts. Tonight, Friday, October 29, I'm actually working on October 21-22 drafts, uploading pictures to blogger from my files. We're on the last leg of our trip, heading back home. There's still a lot to see, but nowhere near the intensity of what has gone before. By the way, I actually watched Oprah today because she and My-Best-Friend-Gayle went on a camping trip to Yosemite. We'd already seen everything they showed on the show. It was neat! Please hang on and stay with me. Rosie thanks you.

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