Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 4. New Orleans. Thursday Night. Videos.

It's Thursday night. November 4. About 7 PM. We're in New Orleans, Louisiana. In a hotel room. I'm furiously blogging away and I'm waiting for Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice to come on out here at 8. Did I say we're in a hotel room in New Orleans? Blogging? Waiting to watch TV? What's wrong with this picture? "Mr. Hawthorne," I say! "Let's go paint the town!!" "Let's trip the light fantastic!!!" And off we went. Nawlins is best viewed from the bottom of a rosy-glassed wine bottle. If you watch closely, you might even catch Rosie making a fool of herself. I love watching white men try to dance. I got beads and I didn't have to show my tits! I have found out that lots of times my camera is recording when I don't know it. One can only hope this is one of those times. I love this. No sooner had I turned on the camera, then I'm hit for $$$$.

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Marilyn said...

Interesting. Not quite my cup of tea, though. I guess les bon temps will have to roulez without me.