Friday, September 17, 2010

The Grind Cafe In Morganton, NC.

Morganton -
Mocksville, NC. to Morganton, NC.
Next stop was The Grind Cafe Coffeehouse 136 West Union Street 828-430-4343 in downtown Morganton, NC, for lunch.
It looks like downtown Morganton is starting to to renovate some of it stores now. I really hate seeing what used to be bustling downtown areas so many years ago drying up and becoming derelict. There were numerous stores for rent in the area with painted pictures on the store front windows offering ideas for businesses - pet shops, gift shops, dress shops, etc. I believe just a few years ago, The Grind building was a rundown building. So glad they could make something so nice out of it. I love the architecture.
I loved the brick walls and the wood throughout The Grind.
Another little eclectic spot of bohemia.
I had a very nice chat with the gentleman in the back when I went over to shoot pictures of the cakes in the display case. He told me he had done that very same thing the other day because he wanted to show someone a particular cake they made. Check out the goodies:
The Devil Dog was screaming at me, "Rosie! Rosie! Eat me!!!!" Seeing as I still had 1/2 a cream scone, 1/2 an eclair, and 2 pieces of Five Flavor Pound cake, I had to decline. One must draw the line somewhere.
I like the atmosphere here and I'm looking forward to trying the food.
Looking out on Main Street.
I just liked this picture.
I ordered the Apollo wrap with a mesclun mix of greens, green pepper, onion, cucumber, tomato, pepperoncini, feta, black olives, and a house vinaigrette in a pressed wrap with black eyed pea salad and chips. I'll be recreating this when I get home. Every bite was a mouthful of enticing flavors.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered pastrami and corned beef with pepper jack cheese, deli mustard, lettuce, onion, green pepper on marbled rye with chips. I thought this was excellent. The bread was fresh, warm, tender, and wonderfully good.
Art work adorns the walls at The Grind.
After a very enjoyable meal, we took a walk through downtown and found a few treasures:
Murals on the side of a building.
Meandering brick walkway landscaped with care and love.
You don't see very many of these any more.
This looks like a very cozy, homey town at the foothills of the mountains.
Burke Courthouse.
Statue in Courthouse Square honoring fallen Confederate soldiers.
I really don't know who this is and I'm too tired to find out.
Mr. Hawthorne mugging with unidentified statue. Sorry. Rosie really should do her homework better.
The roses in Courthouse Square were lovely.
More murals:
And the Hawthornes are off to Asheville!


Marion said...

Rosie dearie, I think that statue is of the revered senator and constitutional expert Sam Ervin, who was revered even before he brought Nixon down. I think he was a native of Morganton, even though one of my elderly friends carpooled with him to high school.

Anonymous said...

Marion beat me to it. That's the one and only Senator Sam!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Well, I thought he looked familiar.
Thank you two Smartie Pants.