Friday, November 19, 2010

October 21. Lunch In Sedona At Thai Palace.

When in Sedona, we asked a local where to eat. He seemed normal so we took his advice and headed to the Thai Palace.
We both had a salad for starters with a ginger/garlic dressing. Very light.
I liked the dressing, but I thought the portions were a bit skimpy.
Egg rolls with a dipping sauce which Mr. Hawthorne thought was oil and sugar. I dipped mine in the leftover salad dressing. Pretty good.
But not much filling.
Ahhhh. The soup. Coconut soup with lots of different flavors going on in there: ginger lemon grass curry paste? mushrooms chicken scallions red pepper cilantro. I liked this. May just have to recreate this too when I get home.
Mr. Hawthorne had a noodle and vegetable dish. I thought it a bit bland. I was hoping for some heat in there but perhaps you have to tell them.
And I had the sweet and sour pork. Pretty good, but pricey.
A mountain of rice came with it.
Later that week, I was watching Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. I believe it was this episode where he went to Phuket. By the way, I love that name. Anyways, the women and children of the village spent their days making a fermented fish sauce out of fish stomachs. And Zimmern said if you've ever eaten at a Thai restaurant you've probably had this fish sauce. That's nice to know.
I liked the water feature outside.

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