Sunday, November 7, 2010

October 8. Lunch In Florence, Oregon. Bridgewaters Ocean Fish House.

The Hawthornes are in Florence, Oregon and it's lunch time. My favorite time of the day. We'd stopped here for gas and Mr. Hawthorne asked about where to eat seafood. (We always inquire of the locals for suggestions.) We were sent to a seafood store, not a restaurant, so we asked the lady there and she recommended Bridgewater's Ocean Fish House. So Bridgewater's it is. The restaurant is located in the Kyle Building, historically the most significant building in the Florence area. Named after William J. Kyle, a Scotsman who came to Florence in 1884, it is considered a classic example of the false-fronted general stores built during the early pioneering days of the West Coast. It remains virtually the same as it was when it was built in 1901.
Bridgewater's looking out.
I offer the menu so you can get an idea of West Coast prices. I always thought East Coast restaurants were pricey, but the West Coast tops.
I ordered the fried oysters with soup and salad.
After a bit of a wait, my entire meal came all at one time. I like my salad first. Then the soup. Then the entree. Don't like everything at once. Pacific oysters are not the same as Atlantic oysters. They're larger, but not nearly as sweet or as "oceany." I prefer Atlantic oysters. These oysters were good though. Lightly battered and fried. The rice contributed nothing to the meal. I wish restaurants would serve vegetable side dishes. Something lightly steamed with a drizzle of melted butter and a spritz of lemon juice would be quite nice. But nobody does that.
The ocean chowder was delicious. I'll give 'em credit for that. But the menu said sourdough bread would accompany this. It didn't.
View from the restaurant out the front door. Those two guys just rifled through the trash can.

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Marilyn said...

Perhaps they were looking for recyclables to turn in for cash? Or homeless men?

The lobster tail, salads and sandwiches did seem a bit pricey. My guess is the lobster was flown in from the Altantic, hence the high price.