Tuesday, November 16, 2010

October 17. Rocks For Sale.

On the way to Zion National Park, Mr. Hawthorne pulled over so we could check out rocks.
Utah Snowflake Obsidian. $3.00/pound
Green calcite. $5.00/pound
Pink Calcite. $5.00/pound
Glass. $2.50/pound! Yikes.
More calcite. $5.00/pound
Utah Rhyolite. $3.00/pound
Mini geodes.
Utah Selenite. $3.00/pound I had this vision of my garden being transformed by borders of pink calcite, green calcite, selenite, obsidian, and rhyolite. Rosie left with nary a rock. I did deadhead a plant that was growing in the back that I was unfamiliar with. It had pretty yellow flowers. I'll plant it next spring.
I wanted this waterfall, but Mr. Hawthorne put his foot down.

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