Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 2. Leaving Galveston.

We woke up to a gray day. And rain. Lots of it. We get to the pyramids and Mr. Hawthorne refuses to go in without his umbrella. And the umbrella is somewhere in the truck bed but I can't find it. I'm the one standing in the pouring rain with just my jacket with a hood trying to find the damn umbrella. Finally, I said screw it, and started walking up to the rain forest pyramid. Mr. Hawthorne remains in the truck. By the time I get to the door, I am pretty much drenched. It gets better. There's a sign on the door saying "Closed for renovations." I squish my way back to the truck. And we leave Galveston.
There's a wall between the highway and the "beach," which is pretty much non-existent.
Oooh boy. We get to go on a ferry.
Gulls fly right along with us.
And there were plenty of dolphins feeding.
There's evidence of houses once being here. I think Katrina might have taken care of them.

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