Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinner In Nashville At A Vietnamese Restaurant.

I tell ya, when the Zzzadigs and the Hawthornes get together we do A LOT. After Cheekwood, we retired to our respective corners for a breather, then met at Kien Giang for dinner.
Rosie's never had Vietnamese before, so of course she's was rearing to go for this. Here's the menu. I have no idea what's on it. But I hope it gives you some ideas for something different you may want to try.
Deliciously crisp egg rolls. Nice vinegary spicy sauce to go along with them. Perfectly combination.
Spring rolls. Excellent. Soy dipping sauce with peanuts.
We all ordered pho and I was too busy eating and enjoying to bother taking pictures of everybody's bowls. Accoutrements for pho: sprouts jalapeno lime basil
Mr. Hawthorne's pho had seafood in it - shrimp and unidentified fish. Quite good.
Mine had beef and some other mysterious meat. I had no idea was I was eating, but the broth was rich and aromatic and I enjoyed it immensely. Note to self: Self, when you get back home, learn to make this. I really need to expand my repertoire and add more Asian. That will be on my To-Do list when I return. By the way, the bowls were huge. I couldn't finish. Also, it's cash only here. No credit cards No checks. No problem. Thanks, Zzzadigs, for introducing me to something new and different and wonderful.

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dle said...

After watching the Great Food Truck race I want to try the Banh Mi....I am copying down all of your food stops for future trips!!
Happy traveling....