Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rosie's Bathroom Project. Here's Her Crappy Bathroom! Pun Intended.

Welcome to my dirty little secret:
my upstairs bathroom, which I'm sharing this summer with my two boys.
This, sadly, is the usual state of affairs in this bathroom. My boys are not all that keen on cleaning up after themselves. So I always have a nasty sink of toothpaste and the mirror always looks like they stood in front of it and flipped their toothbrushes off their teeth, spraying the paste onto the mirror. Notice the veneer on the cabinet peeling off. I've come to hate the word "veneer."
Let's take a tour of the bathroom.
Why is it that the male of the species cannot for the life of him put a roll of toilet paper on the dispenser?
Shower on the right with shitty sliding glass doors which if you look at wrong will jump the track. Door on the left to Youngest Hawthorne's bedroom.
Vent and lamp which hasn't worked since circa 1990 when a thunderstorm blew something out. And I despise "popcorn" ceilings which were de rigueur back in the 80's.
Why must they leave everything out on the counter? All I've ever asked for is clean counters. Clean counters in the bathroom. Clean counters in the kitchen. Is that too much to ask for?
I backed up in the john area so I could shoot pictures of the counter and mirror.
The sink is absolutely nasty. Even though I clean it every day, I can't keep up with the Hawthorne boys.
We built this home in 1987. Cast iron sink. Rust is taking its toll.
Let's walk around the sink, shall we?
Ahhh. The tub. Soap stains cascading down the side. Bottles. All empty. I do have a trash can in the room. Sure, it's easier to just throw it down or drop it, but sheesh. Help me out a bit. PLEASE! As for the tub, we had a leak years ago and the plumber suggested putting in this acrylic liner over the original cast iron green tub. The tub is all I'll be keeping from this bathroom.
Don't ever bother buying one of those automatic shower cleaner things. Ain't worth it. Does nothing.
I really hate those soap shelves. The soap always falls out and you have all the mess going down the side of the tub.
Yes, I know. This is disgusting. I've tried everything to get this mold/mildew/fungus out. Nothing works. My bathroom guy told me it's because it's growing from the inside out.
What a disaster.
Did you notice I cleaned the sink and counter? I have quite a bit of hate for this decor right now.
And what the hell was I thinking when I picked out that damn wall paper? Oh wait ... It was late 1987 and I was 8-12 months pregnant with Middle Hawthorne. Hormones amped up. Hadn't had alcohol or drugs for at least 2 months. Makes sense now.
The renovation started Monday, August 9. It was completed yesterday, September 8, with the final touches. Stay tuned for the process and progress reports. You won't believe my bathroom now.


Kathy said...

I don't know Rosie. Mine might just beat yours for the gak-factor. It's 50 years old and someone thought burgundy & pink tile would be attractive, with an aluminum medicine cabinet. Then they replaced the sink with a beige one that totally DOESN'T match the rest.

Oh, and I see someone uses the same shampoo I do - VO5 Kiwi-Lime. Good stuff (and CHEAP!)

after builers cleaning said...

What a dirty bathroom. Need hard scrubbing and maybe renovation

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Ya think, after builers cleaning?