Thursday, September 2, 2010

HURRICANE EARL!!! Surfsquatch Spotted On Kill Devil Hills Beach.

Stay with me, OK?
I'm going somewhere with this. Rosie got up early this morning. And NO. That's NOT Rosie above. She took Dixie and Junior for a run/trot/jog/stop/sniff/roll through the neighborhood. Junior can have the attention span of a gnat. I think he's got ADD. When Youngest Hawthorne got home from his 9:00 class, he wanted breakfast. He can't eat breakfast when he first wakes up. "How 'bout toast, bacon, and eggs?" I ask. "No. I don't think so. Your toast is too hard and hurts my tongue." "OK. What about buckwheat pancakes with blueberries?" "Nahhh. I just had those. You know, I'd really like some sausage biscuits with gravy. You've gotten really good at making biscuits." This boy is gettin' gooooooood. And you know what? It worked. Again. And again. And again. To tell the truth, biscuit making used to be Mr. Hawthorne's domain. Nay. His forte. (Sorry. I don't know how to do the accent ague.) No matter what I did, my biscuits came out like hockey pucks. Even the seagulls wouldn't eat them. But then, out of necessity and stubbornness, I kept on making the damn biscuits. Time after time after time. And you know what? I got good at biscuits. Anyways, back to Youngest Hawthorne's breakfast at lunchtime. I made my mile-high-buttermilk biscuits, sliced, with scrambled eggs and cream, with a slice of rubber cheese (It's what he wants.) and some of the sausage from Smith's Red and White in Rocky Mount/ Dortches that I took the casing off of since YH doesn't like links, and smashed the sausage into patties. I made sausage gravy and I have to tell you, those sausages from the Red and White have NO fat that comes out. I used butter and the flavor of the sausage in the pan plus flour, onion powder, granulated garlic, and salt and pepper for my roux. Added skim milk to it. I served this to Youngest Hawthorne and he looked at it and said, "What, no bacon?" After the look I gave him, YH actually made his own bacon. Gotta love that kid. I guess most of you out there know there's a hurricane bearing down on the Outer Banks. Nothing happening here yet, but this one, as usual, is hitting during the night which I freakin' hate since I can't see what's going on. Let me show you my day today. Youngest Hawthorne and I had fun.
After a sumptuous breakfast, YH took off in the boat to the harbor so he and Mr. Hawthorne could trailer it home.
After the boat was safely facing northeast on our property, Youngest Hawthorne and I headed off to the beach to check out the sitchayshun.
Sat-vans are everywhere.
We ended up at Ramada/Comfort Inn on the beach road and took off to the beach to see what was up.
Different TV stations have set up all over the place and those lights are quite bright.
A kite surfer was out killing it.
I noticed miles and miles of cables going from the sat vans to points beyond. I came upon this "connection box." Just for a second, I wondered ...
Then I went out and mentioned it to one of the guys lazing in the vans.
Here's the before.
And here's the after. As in after I talked to him and came back about 10 minutes later.
Check out all the news vans here.
This kite surfer was fantastic. Takes a lot of strength to do this.
YH and I drove South down the road to the John Yancey and I dropped him off there and high-tailed it back to the Ramada/Comfort Inn.
What's that in the background?
Chick in green bikini notices.
This chick knows a photo-op when she sees it.
Why, I believe it's the elusive Surfsquatch!


Anonymous said...

Please tell me he made it on the news.

tortietat said...

He made the 600 news here in Winston-Salem.

Rosie Hawthorne said...


DH said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love how green bikini is like, "OhMyGod look!! Somebody get a picture of me!" and runs right over to him. No fear, only photo ops.