Thursday, September 23, 2010

MoJo's In Nashville.

After a busy morning touring the highlights of Nashville with the Zzzadigs, we needed a break, sustenance, and refreshment. Zzzadig took us to one of his favorite haunts, Mojo's Brewhouse, where everybody knows his name.
We're talking serious here. Seventy-two beers on tap. Here's their menu:
Zzzadig left for a few minutes and returned with salsa and chips. Salsa is like BBQ or cole slaw or potato salad - everybody has their own recipe. I liked this salsa - hint of smoky chipotle and I believe it had the sweetness of a rice vinegar.
A plate of BBQ chicken magically appeared. I think it's safe to say that the messier the meal, the better it is. I had BBQ sauce all over me. I would rate this way up on the BBQ scale. I liked the refreshing cool crispness of the celery sticks with the dressing. Nice foil to the chicken. Here's my first helping. I have no idea what anybody was talking about at the table. I was just concentrating on the food. And it was damn good.
Very comfortable, very friendly establishment. I could have happily spent several hours here. I believe Zzzadig has a stool here with his name engraved on it. Now this was last Sunday and the Tennessee Titans were hosting the Redskins. If I were that guy at the bar, I don't think I'd feel very comfortable here, but he was cool. The arm on the left belongs to one of the local DUI lawyers. No, he's not an ambulance chaser. He's merely waiting in ambush. Just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Here's our group. I also got to meet Charlie and the famous Ed, proprietor.
Our table was outside on a covered (slightly) porch. Nice breeze and very comfortable. I asked Zzzadig if they sold "herbs" across the street, but he told me that was a "p" not a "b" so I don't know what's going on over there.
Pastry chef.
It was hard, but Rosie left with no dessert.
Nice wall display of beer cans on the way out. Thanks, Zzzadigs, for sharing with the Hawthornes. Next stop: Cheekwood and Dale Chihuly.

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