Friday, September 24, 2010

Zzzadig's Digs.

After dinner at Kien Giang, we stopped by the Zzzadigs' home so I could see their garden. In the dark.
But when you have moonflowers blooming, that's the time to see a garden.
Moonflowers, clematis, and salvia around the mailbox.
Bamboo. Zzzadig, you really need some Chihuly glass sculptures to stick in there amongst the bamboo.
Uusually, Zzzadig has anywhere from 60-70 moonflowers blooming and climbing 20-30 feet in his trees. I officially hate him now.
Zzzadig, I missed that little creature in the dark and didn't notice it until I uploaded my pics. Is that a garden gnome? I think I know what to get you and Mrs. Zzzadig for Christmas!
Everyone needs a water feature in their garden.
Castor plant and I thank you for the seeds.
Amazing mural.
Zzzadig's pet Black Widow.
Hee! And a WHOOT! Thank you Zzzadigs for sharing. Until next time.

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Marilyn said...

Thanks, to the Zzzadigs for allowing us to see your garden!