Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stopover At Xmaskatie's.

Mr. Hawthorne and I made a quick stop at Xmaskatie's to pick up a little something for one of my internet friends we'll be stopping by to meet on this trip.
Xmaskatie has quite the green thumb. We can both be rather competitive about our gardens and sometimes it can get ugly. The highest compliment we can pay one another is a muttered "Bitch" under our breath.
View from Xmaskatie's screened porch.
Mama Hawthorne's portrait graces Xmaskatie's dining room.
This is Katie, Xmaskatie's baby.
Xmaskatie sporting her new cowgirl boots she got on her recent trip to Texas.
Usually, Xmaskatie has about a dozen or so hummingbirds fighting around her feeder.
Katie likes to lie amid the foliage.
This is the Albemarle Sound from Xmaskatie's backyard. About 7 miles across is Edenton, NC.
I love how Katie listens and hangs on to Xmaskatie's every word.

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