Friday, November 12, 2010

October 12. Going Through Stanislaus National Park To Moro Lake In Lee Vining, California.

We left wherever we were ... I forget ... oh yeah, Fairfield, California, and headed off to Yosemite.
More windmills.
We were headed to Yosemite National Park. Entering on the west side. I had planned on taking hwy 12 south from Fairfield, just southwest of Sacramento, then picking up 49 at San Andreas, then heading east on 120 at Chinese Camp to Yosemite Village. Being the navigator, I am imbued with certain powers - powers which I can wield in any way I see fit. After studying my maps, I issued an executive decision. We weren't going directly to Yosemite Village to enter Yosemite on the west. We would be taking Highway 49 south, then take Highway 108 East, traveling through Sonoro Pass in Toiyabe National Forest to skirt around the northern edge of Yosemite, through Stanislaus National Forest. Then I'd be taking 395 South to Lee Vining for the night. After that, it's Highway 120 East, backtracking across Yosemite, then south on to Yosemite Village. I'm so glad I did this. First, some maps so you can get a feel of the general area.
Toiyabe National Forest is located in Nevada and California. Cut and paste the following to see where highways 108, 120, and 395 are (If you're so inclined): For some reason, I couldn't link it properly.
Stanislaus National Forest.
Toiyabe National Forest, with 4.3 million acres, is the largest national forest in the 48 contiguous states. Yosemite National Park. I'll shut up now so you can enjoy the pictures.
Mr. Hawthorne hates roads like this.
When we started out, it was 88 degrees. After 9000 feet, the temperature had dropped to 49 degrees.
My first snow!
Approaching Lee Vining, California, and Lake Mono:
Lake Mono Basin with mountains in the background.


Hairball T. Hairball said...

Beautiful pics, Rosie!

Mr. P said...

Wow. Great pictures. You let the cat out of the bag as to why you took that route. You wanted to see the snow. You should be indebted to Mr. H for putting him through all those roads for you to see snow. Ha Ha.