Thursday, November 18, 2010

October 18. Navajo Tacos.

On the way from North Rim to South Rim, I found something amazing. It's called a Navajo Taco. We'd been driving through the desert for hours with the lovely Vermilion Cliffs as a back drop... ... and came upon the Marble Canyon Lodge and the diner. I ordered ... the unbeknownst to me ... Navajo Taco. It is a fried flatbread. And it's wonderful. I will do this bread when I get home.
Navajo Taco. I need to make this.


Marilyn said...

That does look delicious. I had heard of them before but have never had one.

Marion said...

Yes, they are delicious, but about five million calories. It helps if you have an 18-yo male metabolism, haven't eaten in a week, or don't plan to eat for another week...;-).the Navaho have, or had, major obesity problems when I was in AZ in the '80s.