Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dinner In Asheboro At Dixie III.

Asheboro -
Roper, NC to Asheboro, NC.
On our trip through the state of North Carolina, I'm trying to check out restaurants recommended by the July issue of Our State magazine. They had a particular restaurant for each of the one hundred counties in North Carolina. For Washington County, we wanted to try the recommended crab balls at Mackey's Crab Bar and Grill in Roper, but Xmaskatie informed us they were closed on Wednesday. Instead, we chose Garcia's Grill for great food. For Randolph County, Our State suggested Sir Pizza of Asheboro. It's a chain restaurant and I generally veer away from chains., plus the idea of pizza just didn't blow my skirt up. I know good pizza. Hell, I make great pizza. So pizza wasn't on my to-do list. We asked the lady at the front desk of our motel for ideas and she recommended Dixie III without hesitation. I'm so glad she did.
Three stoplights down the road, we found Dixie III, right next to Sir Pizza.
It's a family-style, home-cooking, Southern food kind of place.
Here's the menu for your perusal.

You go in and seat yourself - either at the counter or at a booth. Service is excellent. Food is served with smiles, friendliness, and Southern hospitality. Everybody here seemed to know everybody else. I noticed a group of people standing outside chatting when we walked in. They were still jawin' when we left.
The meats were accompanied with three sides of your choice.
I had broiled flounder fillets
with red roasted potatoes and collard greens. An excellent choice. You know, it wasn't until I moved to the beach and ate fresh flounder that I realized a flounder was not a rectangular frozen fish. The fish was fresh, flavorful, and there was nary a bone to be found. The collards were tender with a hint of onion. I added a bit of butter to them. And you can't go wrong with roasted 'taters.

My third side was fried squash. Delicious.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the fried scallops with a green salad and homemade Ranch dressing, pickled beets, and excellent cole slaw. Very light batter on the scallops and lightly fried. Really good scallops.
A platter of cornbread and hush puppies rounded out the meal.
This meal set us back about $15. Just plain, good, home-cookin'. Note: This is 2 out of 2 for Rosie. What's happening here?


Anonymous said...

2 for 2? You must be taking the local's advice!

zzzadig said...

I would have had to try the squid..I know, I know, but you have yet to have it correctly, really. This place probably had perfect squid simply because it is on a somewhat limited menu. Looks wunnerful for the price.