Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gettin' Ready For Earl.

Busy day for the Hawthornes today. Hurricane prep is underway. I've already been to Food Lion.
Sorry for the blurred picture, but this was a drive-by shooting of a full parking lot at the liquor store. (I missed the parking lot.) Priorities, people.
Got plenty of water.
Looks like I'm good on the wine.
Fully stocked likker shelf. I've gotten the important stuff done. Now, we need to get the boat out of the water, get gas for the generator which hopefully won't be needed, bring my plants inside (ugh), throw the pool furniture into the pool, secure the grill on the deck, take down the hummingbird feeders which are right in front of windows, secure anything that can blow away, and ... wait.


DH said...

Is that... animal ear cleaning fluid on the likker shelf?

Hairball T. Hairball said...

I assume we are speaking of the blue and white plastic bottle?

I was thinking it was some kind of glue. My little heart leaped with glee as I pondered if you were in the early stages of planning a parody of Snads cocktail tree!

I envisioned you and Kathy ( you know she'd be involved!) collecting lots of empty likker bottles. After washing them out, you'd glue or wire them together in a tree shape. (You'd probably need some sort of supporting frame under the bottles to make a really big one.)

Next, you'd cover the whole mess with the tackiest lights and ornaments you could find, and put a carton from an empty twelve pack of beer on top as the "star".

Then, you and Kathy would make a delicious non-Snads meal to enjoy in front of the twinkling lights of the Likker Tree.

Lane said...