Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Bathroom Remodel Starts.

Back in June, Mr. Hawthorne and I went for lunch at Bad Bean Taqueria located in Seagate Shopping Center in Kill Devil Hills. It turned out to be the most expensive meal I've ever had. After we left Bad Bean, we walked by Creative Touch Tile next door and I saw this tile in the window: And I knew I had to have it to finally finish my kitchen remodel which was started September 05, 2007, my father's birthday, and when I began this blog. While in the tile store we decided to go ahead and do the upstairs bathroom remodel which we've been putting off for some time. Like I said, it was one expensive lunch. Fast back to, August 9, 2010. The owner himself, Matt, of Creative Touch Tile, showed up this morning to dismantle our 23 year old bathroom. I like that. The owner does the grunt work himself. He doesn't hire a grunt to do it, thus passing along extra costs to me. It's a good work ethic and one that I appreciate and admire.
During the morning, I peaked in once and saw the sink and glass sliders over and done with. Good riddance!
Most of the sheetrock is gone, exposing the studs and insulation. That's my tub, which I'm keeping. Actually, the whole bathroom is designed around this tub.
Toilet gone.
Sink, mirror, and cabinets gone.
Inside tub.
Where mirror and cabinets were.
Facing door, hallway, and laundry closet. Toilet was to the left. Sink to the right.
Oops. It's sideways and I ain't even gonna bother. Tub area.
Looking at tub and where toilet was.
Nice touch. Plastic in the doorways. First day of destruction over. More to come.


Marilyn said...

Heh, I had one of those lunches once. Except mine ended up with carpeting for three rooms.

I can't wait - for that watermelon fizz! - er, to see the results.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mar, it was a pretty good lunch,
but dessert at the tile place sealed the deal.