Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 1. San Antonio. Los Barrios. Puffy Taco.

Rosie is not a happy camper. She's been sitting in the truck for OVER AN HOUR waiting for Mr. Hawthorne to get out of a pawn shop. We've been to every WalMart and every pawn shop along the way all across America and it's getting lame. This particular day, I was sitting in the truck, waiting, and finally Mr. Hawthorne came out. He'd conveniently brought out one of the salespeople since he didn't think I'd yell at him in front of someone else. Mr. Hawthorne had told the man I was going to be pissed when he finally wrapped up his deal then the salesman told him not to worry. He'd make it right. He came out and told me about Los Barrios - a Mexican restaurant nearby. And he said it was the best Mexican restaurant.
The name sounded vaguely familiar to me then I realized this was the home of the "Puffy Taco."
We ordered the puffy taco and it's wonderful.
Another version of the chili relleno.
Puffy Tacos make it to the White House. Puffy Taco Throwdown with Bobby Flay and Diana Barrios Trevino. Here's Bobby's recipe. Here are some wonderful ideas for TexMex dinners. I can't wait to make these again. Actually, I made them once before, kinda.

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Marilyn said...

The puffy taco looks good.