Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunset. November 29, 2010. Colington Harbour.

One should always share a sunset, a sunrise, or just share the view. I give you my views, from the other evening.
Enjoy. JTLYK (That's HipCyberSpeak for "JustToLetYouKnow." It's gonna be right up there with LOL and ROFLMAO. Only a matter of time.), tooooomoooorrrrow, Rosie will be recapping her Thanksgiving meal, which covered two days what with the Julia thing, and one in which she gave profuse thanks and cursed at the same time. Rosie will blog her Thanksgiving Experience tomorrow and make two pies in the interim - a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. For Middle Hawthorne's birthday. He always requests pies, not cakes. I hope you'll stay with me and experience exquisite pies. Along with a Thankful and Peaceful Thanksgiving. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH! Stay tuned. Well ... like ... that's the plan.

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