Sunday, November 14, 2010

October 13. Lunch At Hummingbirds In Clingan's Junction, California, On The Way To Sequoia National Park.

The Hawthornes are traveling up to Sequoia National Park.
We stopped for lunch at Hummingbirds at Clingan's Junction in Squaw Valley, California.
Interesting, kitschy interior.
It's a very homey type place. Lots of family.
Mr. Hawthorne had the special - Colorado chili. I didn't take notes when I ate here and I'm writing this a month after the fact. Can't give you all that many details. I just know it tasted good.
Particularly good were these jalapeno/corn fritters ... ... filled with deliciously gooey cheese. ANGE! Take notes! Ange from Wisconsin is my faithful scribe. She's making an amazing SPREADSHEET of everything I want to recreate when I get back home. XOXOXO, Ange!
Mr. Hawthorne filled his tortilla with the rice and meat and sauce. Very nicely seasoned and quite good. ANGE! Listen up, here! I Googled Colorado Chili and got numerous recipes for Chili Colorado. Here's one, for Easy Chili Colorado, which looks pretty good, but it contains tomato sauce, which this dish didn't have. Here's another one Chili Colorado, this one having tomato paste. And there's this recipe for Authentic Mexican Chili Con Carne which has no tomato and seems to be the closest to what we had at Hummingbirds. I would be remiss if I did not offer you Sandra Lee's Five Star Colorado Chili which actually looks pretty good. I just choked a little bit. What's that sound? Oh yeah. The sounds of pigs flying. Oink. Oink. I'm trying to go back to cooking a bit here to help you guys out. If I can't cook, I can at least Google recipes for you.
Action shot! Mr. Hawthorne forking the filling into his tortilla.
Sometimes a girl just needs a grilled burger. Melted cheese. Lettuce. Tomato. Red onion. Pickles. Extra crispy fries. This was heaven.


Anonymous said...

That tomato slice looked bigger than the burger, and I hate it when the bun is too big, but nothing beats a good burger.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

The burger was really good. I don't like a really heavy meal
so I didn't miss the big burger.
The flavor was way big.

Marilyn said...

Rosie, please do send along your rendition of the fritter. It looks divine.