Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rosie's A Winner! WHOOT!

Back in November, my dear friend Marion sent me a link to the Raleigh News and Observer. I blogged about it here. Seems they were having a contest and would be giving Sandra Lee's new cookbook, Sandra Lee Semi Homemade The Complete Cookbook 1001 Easy Everyday Recipes for 'The Way We Cook Today,' to the winner. Naturally, I entered. All you had to do was leave a comment. I left two comments. Click on the link and scroll down to find them.
For those too lazy to click and scroll, here's what I commented:

Pick me. I am worthy.

Pick me. I am worthy.

Chef Lee is amazing. I

Chef Lee is amazing. I want to win.

Read more: And today, I received this in my mail: Rosie, You won the Sandra Lee book. Please send me your full name and address. -- Andrea Weigl Food Writer The News& Observer 215 S. McDowell St. Raleigh NC 27601 Office: (919) 829-4848 Cell: (919) 518-7679 (only return calls from publicists, please) Blog: Twitter: @andreaweigl
And this blurb was in her blog.

Congrats to the cookbook winners

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Congrats to Gerry Geraldine Horan of Garner, who won the Bobby Flay cookbook.

I need Rosie Hawthorne to check her e-mail and send me her address to receive the Sandra Lee cookbook.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

I'll have another cookbook giveaway with tomorrow's Frugal Feasts recipe.

Read more:
Rosie is so stoked! WHOOT!

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