Monday, November 22, 2010

November 11. Lunch At The Shrimp Factory In Savannah.

For lunch in Savannah, we headed back down to River Street and to the Shrimp Factory. Here's the menu:
I ordered the Shrimp in Puff Pastry.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the grouper filet.
A Caesar salad was tossed tableside and we were offered non-traditional bacon on the salad. Not a bad salad. That's all I can say. It wasn't Rosie's salad.
Blueberry muffins with butter and a combination spread of butter, honey, and bourbon. Tasty.
Mr. Hawthorne's grouper. It wasn't memorable so I have nothing to say about it now, except I don't like all the pasta filler.
The concept of this was good I thought. Puff pastry and shrimp and green peas and mushrooms in a Chardonnay Cream Sauce.
The execution missed the mark. By a mile. The shrimp were tiny, tasteless, and rubbery. No doubt farm raised. The sauce was not a light Chardonnay cream sauce. It was a thick, gloppy, heavy mess. Rosie no likee.

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