Saturday, November 20, 2010

October 23. Amigo Cafe In Kayenta, Arizona.

Amigo Cafe. Kayenta, Arizona. I'm loving me some Mexican so I stop every chance I get. No Taco Hell for me. I want the real deal.
The Amigo Cafe is world famous. It says so right there. World Famous AMIGO CAFE Amigo Cafe started (spicing) in 1983 when Richard and Esther Martinez fulfilled their dream of sharing their family recipes with the world. Prior to opening Amigo Cafe, the Martinez family recipes were only available at the family dinner table. All of Amigo Cafe's Mexican food is homemade from scratch using quality ingredients. In 1999, the Martinez's decided it was time to retire. The Price Family loved amigo Cafe's food and wanted to keep the Amigo tradition alive. Larry and Julene Price now own and operate the restaurant. They have kept true to the Martinez Family recipes and traditions. Amigo Cafe has been written about in many publication including Cowboys and Indians, News from Indian Country, and many foreign travel guides. It was awarded and mentioned in 100 Best Restaurants in Arizona by John Bogert. And now Rosie Hawthorne has blogged about Amigo Cafe and put her seal of approval on it so the Prices will no doubt have to remodel and add another wing on to accommodate the incoming swarm of customers. The Menu:
Fresh chips and a tomatilla salsa were brought out.
Mr. Hawthorne had some wonderful tacos.
I had a fried something or other. I'm sorry but I should have written this down but I was too busy enjoying the food. I learned something at Amigo Cafe. When they asked you at a Mexican restaurant if you want red or green sauce, tell 'em you want "Christmas" and get both.
Shredded beef was involved and it was excellent. I think Mexican just supplanted Chinese as my favorite cuisine.


Kathy said...

My favorite food has always been the food of people browner than me: Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai. White people food, in general, has never thrilled me.

Marion said...

Rosie, your dish looks like a chimichanga, which is a big, deep fried burrito. Yes, they are good. You may know this by now but Arizona Mexican is different from TexMex.

nativephotographer said...

Amigo Cafe now has a facebook page. we got a remodel over the summer. pix at the fb page. thank you for the review.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

You're welcome, Nativephotographer.
We enjoyed our meal!

(And I don't say that very often.)