Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun In Nashville.

With the Zzzadigs as our guides, the Hawthornes were treated to the sights of Nashville.
MUSICA is another sculpture of Alan Lequire's. In case you have extremely short-term memory, you will remember Mr. Lequire as the sculptor of Athena at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. MUSICA features nine colossal dancing bronze nekkid figures rising from a base of limestone boulders. The grouping sits on a grassy area in the center of Buddy Killen Circle in the Music Row area of Nashville. I like to think the nine figures represent the nine Muses of Greek mythology, the daughters of Zeus: Clio (Make-Famous, Celebrate) - history Urania (Heavenly One) - astronomy Melpomene (Celebrate with Song ) - tragedy Thalia (Rich Festivity, Blooming) - comedy Calliope (Beautiful-Voice) - epic poetry Erato (Lovely, Beloved) - lyric poetry Euterpe (Giving Much Delight) - music Terpsichore (Delighting in Dance) - dance Polyhymnia (Many Hymns ) - choral poetry What, you couldn't name all the muses? The sculpture is joyful and celebratory and is an iconic representation of the essence of Nashville.
This sculpture represents celebration, music, dance (the physical expression of music), and sheer joy to me.
MUSICA is located right across from Owen Bradley Park. Owen Bradley was a record producer at Decca records and one of the chief architects of the Nashville Sound in the 1950's and 60's, a sub-genre of country music replacing the dominance of honky tonk music.
Around the circular display are artists and songs produced by Owen Bradley.
Naturally, Rosie had to share the spotlight with Owen.
Owen Bradley (1905-1998) A gifted pianist, arranger, composer, and record producer, Owen Bradley is recognized as one of the architects of the world-famous "Nashville Sound." His humility, honesty, and integrity made him a father figure for the entire Nashville music industry; he became a role model for all who have followed him.
During his Decca/MCA years, produced records for many member of the Country Music Hall of Fame including Patsy Cline, Jimmie Davis, Red Foley, Brenda Lee, Loretta Lynn, Bill Monroe, Ernest Tubb, Conway Twitty, and Kitty Wells. Working with his son, Jerry, transformed a neglected old barn in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, into the famed recording studio known as Bradley's Barn (1964). Was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1974.
I love this picture. The energy and spirit of Owen Bradley combines with the sheer exuberance of MUSICA in the background. Sweet Dreams and Crazy That's the sheet music up there.
Might as well give you I Fall To Pieces and Walkin' After Midnight. In case you haven't figured it out, Patsy is one of my favorites.
Rosie was inspired to belt out a song. Mr. Hawthorne is used to this sort of thing, but the Zzadigs quickly walked away, disavowing any association with me.
Sandra Lee reference: "Danielle likes big ones." Insert Rosie joke here.
Once again, I've found a Fifth Third Bank. Why is there not a Third Fifth Bank? A Second Fourth Bank? After quite a busy morning, the Zzzadigs led us to one of their favorite watering holes. Stay tuned.

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