Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Americana On The Way To Cherokee, NC.

Cherokee, NC -
Asheville, NC to Cherokee, NC.
Mr. Hawthorne and I were driving down the highway on the way to Cherokee, NC, when I espied this sign:
Naturally, I made him stop and turn around which he was all too happy to do.
And that's how we ended up at Starvin' Marvin's.
Starvin' Marvin's has BigAZZ burgers.
Starvin' Marvin's has some poor gentleman sitting in a disaster area. He probably could have benefited from leg braces as a child.
We forewent the restaurant and their BigAZZ burgers and went into the General Store.
I always like to know where I stand.
Mr. Hawthorne could not resist picking up a few cans of ...
... possum peckers! Kathy, I finally found out what to serve with that can of pig brains we got at TJ's.
Like I've said so many times - sometimes these posts just write themselves.

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Kathy said...

And they're great with scrambled eggs, right? I don't suppose he got a can for me, huh?