Thursday, November 18, 2010

October 20, Leaving Sunset Volcano Crater And Going To Pueblo Ruins.

I'm loving the clouds and the rain storms.
This area is called Wupatki and there are numerous pueblo ruins here. The pueblos were constructed in the years following the eruption at nearby Sunset Crater, which was sometime between 1040 and 1100, although people had farmed this area for 400 years prior to the eruption. Volcanic ash, deposited in thin layers, retained moisture and improved farming. Gradually, plants and animals returned to the area too, some specially adapted to living on lava. The remains of masonry pueblos, or villages, that dot the landscape of Wupatki are obvious evidence of the human endeavor in this vast area. It tells the story of the 1100's puebloan people coming together to build a vast farming community. The eruption of the volcano improved the agricultural potential since the thin ash layer absorbed moisture and prevented evaporation. Despite the beneficial ash, farming conditions were far from optimal. The soil was nutrient-poor and the occasional, tempting, thunderstorm could destroy crops. Archaeologists coined the term Sinagua for the culture of this area. "Without water." Only the diligent - and lucky - succeeded. This made sharing and trading paramount among the people of Wupatki - and most importantly, it created a crossroads and blending of cultures between the Sinagua, Cohonina, and Kayenta Anasazi. By 1180, thousands of puebloans were farming in the Wupatki landscape. By 1250, when the volcano was once again silent, the pueblos were empty, the people having moved on to another area, resuming migrations and relocations, taking their way of life with them. This has been their way of living that has enabled the Pueblo to survive on the Colorado Plateau for the past 2000 years. OK, Daughter Hawthorne, I know you wouldn't read all this but maybe the color above might catch your attention: This is just to say Imonna shut up now and you can just see the pretty pictures.
A favorite picture.
Just try to image Rosie dashing over the ruins, into the comfort of Mr. Hawthorne's strong arms with the rest of life languishing in the background. While the self-timer flashes away.
There's Mr. Hawthorne and his truck at the road. He didn't make the trek up.


Marilyn said...

Interesting. Thanks, Rosie.

Lane said...

thannnkkksss. You don't have to do that though, I do scan the info... and still some things catch my eye. Even blended in with regular text!