Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Hawthornes' Great Adventure Begins.

Rosie awakened early this morning. Actually, Xmaskatie was in town and gave me a wake-up call at 6:15. I had planned for Mr. Hawthorne and me to leave on our trip early this AM and stop by the beach to catch the sunrise on our way out of town. I had packed the truck with all my gear the night before so I was ready to boogie. Mr. Hawthorne was not. As he's said numerous times, "We're in no hurry on this trip." But I was in a hurry to leave.
So while Mr. Hawthorne slumbered away, Princess and Xmaskatie came to pick me up for the sunrise. There they are at the Kill Devil Hills bath house.
Walking down to the beach.
We arrived minutes before the sunrise. There were quite a few early risers up.
I love the clouds here.
And here comes the sun.
Enjoy the sunrise.
Pretty clouds.
Skate cases.
Sand castle still standing.
Little blob of jelly fish.
It was a beautiful sunrise. Too bad you missed it Mr. Hawthorne, but maybe you'll be able to stay awake for sunset over the Pacific.

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Marilyn said...

Lovely sunrise, Rosie.

Safe journeys.