Monday, November 8, 2010

October 8. Gold Beach Hotel.

This is the book left in the Gold Beach Inn for their visitors.
Pluses: No mosquitoes. Sunny (?) Gold Beach. Tsunami warnings. (?!!?)
The Gold Beach Inn and Ireland's Welcomes You to the Beach The Gold Beach Inn and Ireland's are nestled on some of the rarest type ocean lands on the Pacific Coast, low lying beach dune land covered in sea grass and pine trees. The majority of the properties are built on a gentle ridge that gives a beautiful Oregon vantage point of the ocean and waves. The view of the ocean through a majestic pine tree with sea grass swaying in the win is a rare sight anywhere in the world. Over Half the property has been left in its natural state for the guests to enjoy a true Oregon beach experience. Further development pressure on the motel's lower lands has repeatedly been rejected and viewed as detrimental to the guests enjoyment. The Gold Beach Inn and Ireland's have four separate beach paths through the sea grass and trees to the ocean. Each path is unique and offers gorgeous photographic opportunities from various different vantage points. The huge deck that encompasses the w large oceanfront spas offers a special vista to dring in the ocean and surrounding beach land. The deck and spas are also a great location for memorable photographs or conversation.
Ireland's has beautiful gardens to stroll through and its very own lighthouse which gives a special view of the ocean and surrounding beach lands. There are barbeques scattered around the properties for your enjoyment. There is also a large brick barbeque and a large picnic table located near the lobby of the Gold Beach Inn. Gold Beach is a very safe city with friendly people. Enjoy your stay at the Gold Beach Inn and Ireland's and take a piece of driftwood as a memento of your stay. The Rouge River in the winter when the big storms arrive always blesses the beaches with a fresh supply of driftwood. A walk on our pristine beach in harmony with nature revitalizes the mind and soul and gives one a sense of calm. Gold Beach is truly a special place and a peaceful destination to get away from the hectic pace and stress of one's normal life.
No Mosquitos The Gold Beach Inn and Ireland's have no mosquitos and very few flying insects of any kind. Due to unpredictable ocean breezes and Oregon's usually very dry summer, mosquitos can't live within a half mile of the beach. Gold Beach also has no poisonous snakes so the guests can walk anywhere on property. Gold Beach, because of its unique location far from any big city and surrounded by huge forests and the pristine Oregon ocean, has some of the purest air in the world. So breathe deep and relax and rejuvenate. The Gold Beach Inn and Ireland's has their own family of deer that live mainly on property. Almost every year they have two does and this makes for great photo opportunities. Rarely, you can view a large buck who is sometimes seen on property. Some guests have taken pictures of the buck with his large horns right by the ocean.
Gold Beach has the most sunshine of any coastal town on the Washington or Oregon Coast. Gold Beach receives little fog (emphasis mine) and often has beautiful sunny mornings without overcast skies that are common in most coastal towns. Gold Beach on very hot days inland stays very temperate. Hot days inland often produce ocean winds that cool Gold Beach and keep away fog that has a strong tendency to roll inland when temperatures rise. Brookings, the town just south of Gold Beach, gets much warmer and has a lot of fog during the summer. Further north, the beach towns are much wetter with grayer skies. The uniqueness of Gold Beach's topography is not only rare, but beneficial to one's health and enjoyment.
And here's my favorite: Tsunami Warning System The city of Gold Beach is equipped with a Tsunami warning system. However, the loud horn is sounded for other purposes besides a Tsunami. One blast of the horn is sounded for a city council meeting or other city events. Three blasts of the horn calls out the city's volunteer fire department. If the horn blasts more than three times, this is a Tsunami alert. The horn will continually blast over and over. This is your signal to evacuate immediately to higher ground. The evacuation route for the Gold Beach Inn is up 11th Street. To access 11th Street, turn right out of the Gold Beach Inn and turn left on 11th Street approximately 150 years after leaving the Gold Beach Inn's parking lot. Turn left on 11th Street. This is the only way you can turn. The two businesses on the corners of 11th Street are Interior Coverups and C & M Equipment. Proceed as far as you can up 11th Street into the hills. Do not return to the motel until government officials life the Tsunami warning. A very rare type of Tsunami is caused by a fault ...
... in the ocean that runs the entire length of the Oregon and Washington coast. I is believed that this fault triggers a large earthquake that then causes a Tsunami. It is believed by scientists that this type of Tsunami hit the Washington and Oregon coast in the year 1700. This type of earthquake is believed to hit the coast every 400 to 1000 years. If you feel a large earthquake do not wait for a Tsunami alarm as it may have been damaged by the earthquake. Immediately, follow the evacuation plan up 11th Street into as high as land as possible. A Tsunami triggered by a massive local earthquake could arrive as quickly as 15 to 20 minutes. Time is of the essence. Evacuate on foot if at all possible if there is a local earthquake. Because roads may be blocked, traffic jams may occur. Current information on Tsunamis and earthquakes for Alaska and the West Coast can be found at the following website: How's that for a happy, sleep-tight, tuckyouin? Sweet Dreams!
Can I just tell you how safe I'm feeling right now?
Backyard of the hotel.

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