Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 4. Lunch In Nawlins.

The famed Bourbon Street. It's high noon. People are walking down the street with beers and mixed drinks. It smells like urine. There's a lot of garbage. This is not my cup of tea.
It's Brennan's for lunch.
I had a bowl of the seafood gumbo. Not particularly appetizing to look at but it wasn't bad. I think they must use gumbo as a way to use up leftovers.
We started off with a trio of baked oysters - Rockefeller, Joneseca, and Bienville. Don't ask me what the Jonesca oyster is. I don't know. What all three were though, is heavy. The "sludge"/roux of toppings totally overpowered the oysters. Didn't care for any of these particularly. I generally like spinach, but I hated the spinach oysters.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the fried oysters. Not bad at all.
I broke one of my own rules today in ordering. I never, ever order something fried in a bun. I can't see how the bun could add anything to the quality of the fried. I ordered the Oyster Po' Boy because I was in Nawlins and thought I should have a Po' Boy at least once. I shouldn't have broken my rule. The oysters were good, but you don't need more bread with fried.
Should've ordered a platter of raw oysters.


dle said...

That was my first impression of Bourbon St when I went...that was pre-Katrina. We did brunch at Brennans it was good. Please tell me you went to Cafe du Monde.

Marilyn said...

Sounds like they need to hose down the street - and the people.

I think you should show us how you'd make those dishes.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

dle, Sorry, didn't go to Cafe du Monde. We sort of high-tailed out the next day.

Mar, I have an oysters rockefeller I made the other night forthcoming.