Monday, November 22, 2010

November 11. Dinner In Charleston, South Carolina. At Hyman's.

We left Savannah for Charleston.
We asked the desk clerk where to go
and he said Hyman's Seafood.
Everybody loves Hyman's.

We take a cab and get there early.
 Early is the key.
 Cause this place gets packed later on.
Apparently, Hyman's has CELEBRITIES
out the WAZOO. Just look who ate at our table:
Pat Conroy.
Billy Joel.
Neil Diamond.
Adam West. That's Batman!

A complimentary crab dip was brought
and I tasted very little crab.
I'd give this a ... meh....
The chowder was good.
I'm a whore for chowder.
Mr. Hawthorne got two types of fried oysters and a fried flounder.
Again ... meh.
I unwisely got the scallops with a cream sauce.
 Sauce too heavy.
Scallops ... meh.
 Rosie no likee.
 Perhaps it was my mood?
 Perhaps it actually was the food.
Sweet potatoes? More ... meh.
Mediocre hush puppies.
But I'm sure everyone else LOVED it!

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