Sunday, November 21, 2010

October 25. The Hawthornes Leave Colorado.

The Hawthornes butted heads today. We were in Colorado and I wanted to go north to Pikes Peak. I wanted to be in the Rocky Mountains. I wanted SNOW. Mr. Hawthorne is scared of snow and put his foot down. I love snow. I wanted to see snow. It wouldn't be in Colorado Springs though. He just replaced the rear brakes and didn't want to test them any more. I kept telling him about this cog railway that takes you to the top. He'd have none of it. Thus no midst of Rocky Mountains. No Pikes Peak. No summit at a 14,000-plus peak. No cog railway. We turned south. Our destinations: Taos, then Santa Fe.
We're in Pagosa Springs and this is Lucy in the orange hoodie.
I'm sad. This is the last of snow covered mountains I'll ever see for some time. I wanted to go North. Alas, we go South.
Oh wait! What's this? This is on top of a mountain that we wound way around. We started out at about in the mid-60's, temperature-wise, not age-wise. Then we drove up Paseo del Pueblo Norte. There was snow on the ground and in the treetops and the temperature was a nipply 22 degrees.
Oh, this was a beautiful drive.

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