Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October 7. The Hawthornes Travel From Montana Through Idaho To Washington.

Suspended clouds.
From Kalispell, MT, through Elmo, Plains, and Sandpoint, MT, to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to Spokane, Washington. All in one day. The Hawthornes are on a roll.
I'm thinking about doing a calendar of our trip. I certainly think I have at least 12 pics for it.
Mind you, most of my shots are from the truck. At 50-70 MPH. Rosie does what she can do.
I love the serene glassiness of the lake and the powdery fluffiness of the clouds.
I never liked driving in a car before this trip. This trip is different. I await every turn. I want MORE.
I relish each moment. I savor the scenery.
I appreciate life. I live in the moment.
Beautiful hanging baskets of petunias.
I am experiencing something that most people never do. I am experiencing America.
And I'm loving every bit of it.
The mountains. The forests. The streams.
The clouds. The lakes.
Did I mention the mountains? Yes. I did.
Crossing into Idaho, we hit Pacific Time.
Heh. Love the target practice.
I liked the mirror with the reflection of the clouds.
It's damn hard to get Mr. Hawthorne to open his window for me to shoot.
I love the blue beauty of this shot.
Sail boats on a lake in the Wild West.
Gobble gobble.
More windmills.
Tell me. What were the upheavals of earth that resulted in this?
The windmills were out in full force. I don't understand why the Outer Banks doesn't embrace windmills. The only place that has a windmill is the Outer Banks Brewing Station.
I am awed by the majestic mountains
I believe this is Mount Olympus.
Love the green expanse in the foreground. The broken barn in the middleground. The blue of eternity in the background..
The bittersweet of America. The life of America. The colors of America. Plowed, arable land. Green expanse with a Deere tractor. Habitation. Blue mountains. Clouds. The layers of Americana Next, the Pacific Ocean.


Marilyn said...

Lovely. And I like the idea of a calendar.

There are windmill farms in northern Indiana. They're becoming more and more popular.

Kathy said...

I think this is my favorite post.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful, thoughtful post. I am loving all your photos. What a wonderful way to see America.

Anonymous said...

"I love the serene glassiness of the lake and the powdery fluffiness of the clouds."

I like how technical those terms sound, "glassiness" and "powdery fluffiness". Those are great, I might have to use those words sometime in my own vocabulary. =)

Enjoy the rest of your trip Rosie!

Kelley (AKA Foodie Daughter)