Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Hawthornes' Trip So Far.

This was supposed to post yesterday.
Just to let you know where the Hawthornes are:
This is the Hawthorne Trip in Real Time. The blue is our route. It's Tuesday, November 2. We're in Galveston, Texas, today. All along this journey, friends and family have asked us, "Where are you going? When are you coming back?" We have responded with, "We don't know." We go where we want. Everyday we get up, set out in a general direction, and I check out the AAA Tour Books and my maps. If I see something along the general way we want to investigate, then we do. We may have a plan in the morning, and by mid-day that plan will be changed. For example, . This morning, we left San Antonio, en route to Lake Charles, Louisiana. That was the straight way to go to get to New Orleans, which is basically our next destination. On the way, I started reading my AAA Tour Book. Mmmmmm. Maybe we might want to go to Lafayette, farther East, instead of Lake Charles, because Lake Charles really wasn't looking so good in the guide book and Lafayette was looking just a little bit better. Then, all of a sudden, GALVESTON was thrown into the mix. And here we are. In Galveston. We both commented upon traversing the causeway into Galveston that this looks a lot like home - the Outer Banks. But, damn. I live on a barrier island. Galveston is a barrier island. I've stayed on the Outer Banks through every hurricane since 1985. If I were in Galveston, I'd evacuate if heavy rains were predicted. I must interject here: I'm a freaking excellent navigator.
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