Monday, November 22, 2010

November 4. New Orleans. Bourbon Street.

Mr. Hawthorne swore this was not a woman. He'd seen the package already.
This is probably the best way to see New Orleans. In a carriage with a tour guide. We should have done this.
I really wouldn't call this "family oriented."
You go into an restaurant, over pay for a glass of wine, and then the man comes round to getcha $$. Tips for the entertainment.
These look like regular sized bottles of wine, but they're the really tiny, one glass deals. Probably cost us $8 a pop. At this point I didn't care.
These look lethal. I did not partake. Didn't Aunt Sandy have an episode where she had shots in test tubes?
We went into several places to listen to the bands. They were quite good. My lungs were getting a work out with all the smoke.
Leaving New Orleans.

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