Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some Things I'd Like To Share With You.

 I have a few pictures
I'd like to share with my readers.
I've collected them over the past few weeks
and think they deserve their very own post,
instead of being stuck in the middle of a post
about my making croissants or something.
Speaking of croissants,
I did a little research on them today
and they will feature in an upcoming post.
Lucky me!

 Now, before you scroll down to the next picture,
I want you to look at Mr. Hawthorne's jacket
and see if you find something ... off?
 Look closely.

It's a jacket for dummies.

 This pocket can only be used for your cell phone.
And it's the ol' timey cell phone 
so your phone probably won't fit.
And it's for left-handed people.

Next thing you know,
we will have a pocket designated for KEYS.
I do not like this turn of events.

I was getting ready to set the table toss utensils on the counter
and found my forks in the drawer in this compromising position
 Rather cheeky, I thought.

 Colington Halloween.
A few shots from the car.
 Happy Halloween!

And please check out my October column
in the Outer Banks Voice - Opulent October Offerings.

You'll get to see all sorts of yummy stuff,
for example: 
  This is a wonderful Pear Tart
with Almond Crust and Apricot Glaze.
 This is Mama Hawthorne's Apple Crisp.

  Rosie's Corn Custard-Stuffed Acorn Squash.

  Creamy Cheesy Bacony Broccoli Soup.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Please Join Rosie In Her October Garden And Some Other Stuff.

Please enjoy your time in my garden
 and environs and life.

This post is a Two-Parter.

This is the First Part.
From early October.

I'll let you know when I get to the second part.

I just wanted to wrap up the month for you,
from beginning to end.
I hope you enjoy.

Part One.
The Early Part.
Youngest Hawthorne has been fishing.
Flounder and speckled trout.

Water hyacinth.

White althea.


Denizens of my water barrel -

Praying mantis.


I love this Lord Baltimore hibiscus.

It's dinner-plate size.


Peruvian daffodil.

Peruvian daffodil with Lord Baltimore behind it.

Cicada and mantis.
I got a twofer!

Another twofer.
With the mantis upside down.

My reds:
Castor bean
Texas hibiscus

River of Recycled Bottles from Manteo.

Self-seeding zinnias.


Gomphrena globosa.

with all sorts of stuff.

Gaillardia/blanket flower and millet seed.

Colington sunset.

Breakfast at Nags Head Fishing Pier.

View through the screen.

I love the waves.
I DO live at the beach!

Nags Head Fishing Pier is
probably my favorite place for breakfast.
The food is good.
The coffee is strong.
The service is stellar.
The view is excellent.
The ocean is violent.
Everything comes together for a fun time.

 I get to see the beach.
And so do you!

Another Colington Sunset.

Beau poses for Nana.
That's a ginger plant on the left.
I bought ginger root at FoodLion
and found pieces with sprouts on them and planted them.
And this is what I have now.

Beau prefers to be shot on his left side.

My water barrel.
There's a pump down there,
circulating the water.

Bumblebee on coneflower/echinacea.

I had one late-blooming glad this year.
Go figger.

Penstemon/Obedience plant.
Named obedience plant
because you can adjust the little flowerets
and they stay put.
Now WHO figgered THAT out?

Fall-blooming crocus.
Wish I knew what it is.

End of Part 1.

It is now the latter part of the month.
Beginning of Part 2 of the post:
Beau can tell time.
It's time for his Daddy to get home from work!

Dainty little begonia.

Leopard plant setting blooms.
Gerbera daisy.

I'm liking the yellow.
Mexican daisies with
yellow Creeping Jennie ground cover in background.
X - If you would like some of the Creeping Jennie,
which creeps, 
I will give you some.
It's a lovely, bright, happy ground cover.
Check out the size of that dahlia.
(Notice my wrist.)

Love these colors.

I found a cicada carcass in my artichoke plant.

The caterpillars are devouring my parsley plant.

Water hyacinth.

If you look closely through the papyrus,
you'll see my little bull frog, Brutus.

I believe this is a black swallowtail caterpillar.

Do you know what happens
when you aggravate a caterpillar?

It sticks its osmeterium out at you.

The osmeterium is an orange gland which will
emit a rather malodorous compound believed to be pheromones.
The osmeterium is normally hidden,
but when the caterpillar is threatened, 
the fleshly organ will project and emit a foul-smelling
secretion containing terpenes. 

I provoked the caterpillar
and was rewarded with its swift reaction
to a perceived enemy.

Purple and white allysum are prolific self-seeders.
I like the pop of the red carnation.

 Notice the osmeterium. 

I'm a caterpillar provocateur.

Rosie is having great fun aggravating her caterpillars.
It's only fair.
They aggravated me first by eating my parsley.

Not to worry.
I have parsley Everywhere.

Lantana in front.
Castor bean in the back.