Monday, October 7, 2013

Rosie's Fall Garden.

 Fall is a special time.
Every change of season is,
but Fall on the Outer Banks is special/different.

I found some seeds last spring.
Planted them.
They turned out to be birdhouse gourds.
Probably heirloom seeds,
since the only gourd seeds I have
I bought from the Island Farm in Manteo.

Please click here to see the Hawthornes' visit to Island Farm.

 Look at all the gourds.
They're still green and growing.

 One of the succulents
in my Succulent Chair
is blooming.

 Driftwood and shells and fulgurite.

Tiffany rose.


Castor bean.


Leopard plant.

Spider plant is a perennial here.

More shamrocks.

Creeping Jenny.

Fall-blooming crocus.

Red rose.

Sea oats.


White and blue clitoria.

Bug-eaten amaranth.

My Red Garden.




These are all from a wildflower seed mixture
I threw out last fall.

I hope you enjoyed My Garden.
I did.
And do.