Monday, October 28, 2013

Maxine And The Hawthornes Have Lunch At Sea Salt Grill.


Whenever Maxine comes to visit,
she takes the Hawthornes out to lunch.
Thank you, Maxine!
We picked a restaurant we hadn't been to before -
It's located in the same building
 as the former Argyle's Restaurant in Kitty Hawk
and I discovered it's still run by Debra and PJ Argyle.
As a matter of fact,
the Hawthornes enjoyed Argyle's numerous times.

Basically, Sea Salt Grill is a revamped Argyle's.

The front of the building is very attractive
with a wall of plantings.
There's also an alfresco area 
but it's a bit too cool and windy for that today.

Our menu today:
Regular prices in left column.
Happy Hour prices in right column.
The regular prices don't exist.
It's Happy Hour all the time!
Sea Salt Grill menu.
The Happy Hour lasts all day,
so don't look at the prices in the left-hand column.

And I'm thinking the menu is changing,
since my new gardening friend, Titania,
recommended this place,
commenting on how good the mahi mahi tacos were.

This is the dinner hour menu.

The four of us - Maxine, Mr. H., Middle H., and Rosie
will be sharing and enjoying a tasting menu.
First up, dumplings.
Perfectly fried pork-filled dumplings 
with a sweet chili pepper Asian sauce.
Two were gone before I could get my camera out.
Maxine can be a bit aggressive when it comes to food.

Be sure to check for any specials on the card at the table.
That's where we found the nacho platter
with multi-colored fried tortilla chips, beans,
beef, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, jalapenos.
It wasn't on the regular menu.
We ate every bit of this.
I love a good nacho platter and the four of us
were sort of fighting over this.

I ordered the ahi tuna, medium rare.
I have found that most places overcook tuna.
Not Sea Salt Grill.
The tuna was nice and thick.
Excellent flavor.
Good sear on the outside.
Perfect on the inside.
It was served with pickled ginger and wasabi
(bottom right),
and an Asian garlic sauce,
risotto (top left, hidden),
a bowl of grape tomatoes
in a Balsamic vinegar sauce,
and an edible flower(!).

And you must admit,
the presentation is lovely.

Maxine ordered the house burger with fries.
Whenever I order fries,
I always ask for extra crispy.
Maxine didn't specify.
However, these fries were most excellent fries.
Extra, extra crispy.
I still have the imprint of the tines
from Maxine's fork in the back of my hand.

Middle Hawthorne had the meatball sliders.
Oh ...  those fries!

Mr. Hawthorne had the Szechuan chicken tenderloins
with risotto, fried wonton strips, tomato salad and flower.

I like it when a restaurant puts a grinder out.
And not many do.

Rosie is happy.
Very happy.

The owner stopped by our table
to chat a bit 
- always nice-
and to let us know of the Saturday night band.
Did he tell us this band
was asked by Jimmy Buffet to play with him in the Keys?
Or did I make that up?

The service is excellent.
Our waitress was friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable.

All four of us thoroughly enjoyed our meal
and I look forward to coming back.

Sea Salt Grill, in Kitty Hawk.

Rosie Recommends!

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