Saturday, April 10, 2010

Heads Up, Folks. Rosie Went Out To A Restaurant And Actually Enjoyed It! Argyles Restaurant.

All right, people. NEWS FLASH: Rosie and Mr. Hawthorne went to a restaurant and we both loved our meals. I know. The apocalypse is nigh. Kathy, scrape yourself up off the floor. We'd never been to Argyle's in Kitty Hawk before, but we've driven past it forever and I just noticed the sign said it was open for lunch. You locals correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe it's been open for lunch before this spring. Only dinner. Or did I not notice? Well, whatever the case, I'm glad I found out they're open for lunch. We were immediately greeted by the lovely hostess Cherle. Wayne was our attentive waiter. We were slathered with attention. I like that.
We walked in and immediately on the left is the truffle display.
I've never seen anything like this.
This was an amazing display of chocolate artistry. After being seated and placing our orders, I went back up and shot pictures of every delicacy.
Viennese Amaretto Truffle and Praline Hazelnut Truffle.
Champagne Truffle and Raspberry Truffle.
Milk Chocolate Truffle and Grand Marnier Truffle. They're like Faberge Eggs. Exquisite.
Dark Chocolate Truffle.
Passion Fruit and Irish Creme.
Pecan and Chocolate Toffee.
Maybe some kind of Turtle?
Strawberry and Chunky Monkey.
Peanut Butter and Jelly and Tiramisu.
Coco Loco Coconut and Milk and Dark Caramel.
Creme de Menthe and Cherry Berry Truffles.
Tropical Fruit and Pistachio.
Peach and Cabernet.
Pear and Chambord.
Tangerine and Irish Whiskey. Please check out The Belgian Chocolate Company. This display was truly amazing. Mr. Hawthorne's hairdresser's mother is an owner and executive chef and she (his hairdresser) told him (Mr. H.) to try her mother's chicken salad, one of their specialties. Did you get that?
The chicken salad was served on a bed of mixed greens. I loved the pretty cucumber slices with cherry tomatoes. The bleu cheese dressing was homemade and came with generous chunks of cheese. Now, this is the kind of chicken salad Mr. Hawthorne loves. Look at the texture. No chunks. Pulsed in a processor? Let's just say, Mr. H. won't be eatin' any of my chicken salad any time soon.
I ordered the rockfish tacos. The rockfish was lightly battered and fried and served on top of an Asian salad with cabbage, red onion, a hint of ginger, and lots of flavors, and lovingly caressed by a warm, pliable tortilla. A jalapeno tartar sauce topped the rockfish. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the Asian slaw underneath the rockfish. I was too busy eating. And you know that speaks volumes. A mixed sweet pepper and pineapple salad, with perhaps some slivers of zucchini (?) and maybe a soupcon of cilantro accompanied the tacos. This was delicious. I loved all the flavors and I ate every bit. The rockfish was perfection. A most enjoyable meal. We couldn't leave without taking a little treasure box of chocolates home with us.
Like I said, chocolate artistry. When we were paying the bill, I asked if I could apprentice under the chocolatier. They laughed. I was freakin' serious.
First thing we tried at home was the Chunky Monkey.
Oh my.
I must know how they do this.
This was the Raspberry Truffle.
It was magnificent and I don't like raspberries.
CocoLoco Coconut. The silver blew me over. This is an artist.
Coconut spill. I love the coco-loco arms on the right figure reaching out to the left figure and trying to stuff him back in. This is just decadent. Amazing. I might have experienced a foodgasm here. We only split these three items. We have ten more to go. Ah. My future is very bright. Bottom line: I was blown away.


Anonymous said...

Cheers Rosie! So glad you had a good dining experience! The chocolate displays looked wonderful, like you were able to visit the big city without leaving home.

Marilyn said...

The food and chocolates looked amazing. Glad you enjoyed your lunch for once!

Kathy said...

I'm so gla. . . . wait, what is that noise I hear? It sounds like some squealing coming from the sky.

*Ticky looks out the window*

Are they some kind of large bird? No. They are too pale . . . why, could it be . . . yes, I do think it is.


Rosie Hawthorne said...

Oink! Oink!

dle1004 said...

oh my...I was blown away with just the pictures !! I think I need to re-think vacation choices, and eat my way thru the Carolinas!!

I almost stopped at Mr.H's hairdressers mother....thought I would get lost before I go to the food.

Marilyn said...

If you want to see pigs fly, you need to go to Cincinnati, OH!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked Argyle's for lunch. My husband and I went there for dinner last year and were extremely disappointed. The Seafood Risotto I ordered was horribly overcooked. The Fried Calamari were large balls of fried dough, with no Calamari to be found. All this for over $100/dinner for two. Vowed never to go back. Maybe we should try it again for lunch.