Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gotta Love That Guy.

Happened to have Food Network on this afternoon. I know. Quelle surprise. Tater Tot was on:
Love the punk, short-sleeved hoodie.
Don't forget the bling!
 Thanks, Guido.
Always wanted to know how to spell douchebag in Chinese.
 Now, someone that knows what they're talking about:
 Are these real characters?
And if so, what do they say?
 Guido's tag lines:
"That's money!"
 "On like donkey kong!"
"I have a tiny wiener."
 "Off da hook!"
Or my personal egregious favorite:
"Rock out with your cock out."
And yes, that was his actual quote on his website.
 It was taken out after a few months.  
The tiny wiener part was mine and won't be taken out.
Now, zzzadig, if you can read whatever that script is
 on Guido's shirt, it would not surprise me at all.
So please enlighten me.

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zzzadig said...

Your translation left me rolling on the floor. However, in Mandarin Chinese the dangfool character can also be translated as "dickweed or dickhead" when used on articles of clothing, or is used in a tattoo upon the buttocks.