Friday, April 9, 2010

Rosie Loves Reader Participation.

I love it when my friends and readers write my blog for me. I received an e-mail from my dear friend, Marion. Marion has a penchant for ... the obscure ... ... the outre ... ... the e-xotic ... ... the e-soteric ... ... the e-clectic ... . And she has e-xcellent taste. So, imagine my absolute glee at receiving this e-pistle from Marion: "Here's a dream project for Rosie: CAMEL HUMP." Click above on Camel Hump. You can only imagine the mental images I was e-xperiencing upon the mention of CAMEL HUMP. If you must Google images of camel hump, do so at your own risk. Even I wouldn't do that. Marion, thank you so much for your timely e-mail. I just got the Harris Teeter, flier in today's newspaper. (Hairy Tits to the locals.) As luck would have it, camel hump is on SALE this week! The planets are aligned! Bluebirds will help dress me tomorrow.

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