Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter Everyone!
In case you're wondering what this little pretty is, it's Pericallis Senetti Blue, a member of the daisy family. Sadly, it's an annual.
Last Sunday on the way home, I made Mr. Hawthorne pull into this church parking lot so I could get these pictures. Too bad there was no sun that day.


Marion said...

Hey Rosie, where'd you find the blue daisies? I want some!

Marilyn said...

Happy Easter to Rosie and the Hawhtornes!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hey, Mar. The Hawhtornes wish you and yours a Happy Easter!

And Mar, I got the blue daisies at Lowes in Danville. Brother & SIL Hawthorne picked me up at Maxine's while she was taking her nap Saturday afternoon and took me to Lowes. BH wanted a hanging basket of petunias to put down at his barn for the mules.

I found the lovely daisies there and took them to Maxine.

Wish I'd gotten some for me.