Saturday, April 10, 2010

Join Rosie For A Walk Through Her Garden.

I'm so glad it's Spring again. Not a moment too soon. I need the rebirth in my garden to center me. I need the comfort knowing everything works in its own time. I need regeneration.
It is Saturday, April 10, 2010
and my first roses are blooming. Three blooms on the same bush.
Ummm. Xmaskatie? Did I hear something?
Know what this is?
Look closely. Ain't no damn ocean.
It's the freakin' pine pollen in the canal. My allergies are at red alert right now. I'm sneezing my ass off. The pine doesn't do it. It's whatever is in the air the same time the pine pollen is. Every car in Dare County is covered in yellow pollen. We close our windows in April and turn on our ACs even though the temperature outside doesn't really merit it. Pay the money for AC and make ourselves comfortable vs leave the AC off and spend the money on doctor visits. My tulips:
I love my stock:
Back to my first roses of the season:
I love my Bachelor's Buttons.
These are one of the first flowers that bloom, along with my stock.
I love the exquisite, vibrant blue color.
And how fortuitous that the little Ladybug was there.
My shamrocks are just coming up.
More oxalis.
Next rose getting ready to open. Yeah. I just had to spray for aphids. Again.
I have a wonderfully healthy single asparagus plant in the rose bed in the front yard, thanks to a little bird, years ago. It's all we really need for our asparagus fix in the spring. Two days ago, I noticed the first three spears were just breaking through. I was ecstatic. Especially since I'd just bought a pound of asparagus at the local TarHeel II produce stand which just set up shop again at Seagate Shopping Center. Anyways, back to the asparagus, I went out yesterday to pick the one stalk I knew would be ready. Alas, the stalk was not there. Only the white remains of the bottom of the stalk. Who would do this to me? Xmaskatie, j'accuse. You were here during that time period. You would do this heinous offense just to get to me. Well played. Bitch.


Marilyn said...

Yeah, yeah, rub it in that your roses only stop blooming in late March and then begin blooming again in early April. Hmph!

Well, okay, they are lovely.

But still.

And how I miss bachelor buttons. They grew as perennials in Cincinnati, but I can't get them to grow here - it's too hot and dry in the summer and they wilt faster than a confirmed bachelor faced with a pregnant girlfriend..

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mar, my BB's are one of the first to bloom. Why not try seeding in late summer for an autumn bloom in your area? Just might work for you.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I'll send you some BB seeds.

How are you with larkspur?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And Mar?
You're so poetic.

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd thought of it, but I didn't touch your asparagus, in fact, didn't even notice it (or any roses blooming either). Are you sure those pics aren't from last year?