Saturday, April 3, 2010

Confederate Re-Enactment At The Sutherlin Mansion In Danville, Va., And Trees.

This past weekend, Rosie was in Danville, Va. Whilst Maxine was driving me down into "Millionaire's Row," we passed the Sutherlin Mansion, the last Capitol of the Confederacy. Check out my former posts above. Anyways, I asked Maxine to stop. She did. And I got these pictures.
Hysterical Society Marker.
And would you lookey, lookey? There's a Confederate reenactment going on. Of course, Rosie can't pass this up.
Front of the Sutherlin Mansion. Little history about the Sutherlin Mansion. Before it became the Mansion, it was the Danville Public Library. It was my Internet in the 50's - 60's. Then it became the Danville Museum. I happened to own a photography shop in the 70's-80's and ended up shooting pictures for the Museum at all their GALAS. In the mid-late 70's, whenever Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner were doing whatever they were doing, I was asked to photograph their ensuing event for the Museum. I got La Liz's Grande Entrance. I shot picture after picture of Mizz Taylor. The next day after the festivities, I arrived at the Museum Offices with my contact sheets after I'd gone back to my shop the previous night to develop the film, and print bunches of pictures of La Liz. As I proudly splayed the 5 x 7's out in front of the Museum Director, I watched his ... scowl. He turned to me and said, "You don't have enough pictures of us." Lesson learned: Always take pictures of the Nobodies.
Here's the rose garden. I'll have to come back when they're in bloom. Well, not really. Mine will be blooming soon and I got a shitload more roses than what's here.
The two grunts on the right were following orders from the passive-aggressive feller on the left.
I just noticed the actual day I saw this re-enactment and uploaded these pictures was March 27. SEVEN days ago. I suck at blogging.
Cute little puppy dog. Mr. Hawthorne says he doesn't think these Pseudo-Adirondack chairs were period pieces. I'm thinkin' the Confederacy was avant guard.
Heh. Grunt corrects the boss.
Beautiful saucer magnolia.
The Bradford pears were in bloom all along our route.
Bradford pears at Averett University.
Hyacinths in Maxine's front yard.

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