Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh, How We've Missed You, Giada.

I haven't done a Giada post in quite some time. Really, there's just so much you can do with boobs without being monotonous. But then yesterday I caught the tail end of Giada's fabulous life and her glorious friends having a ladies' luncheon.
And, by golly, I had to whup out my camera. Giada is honing her claws. Buffing her nails.
"Yes, yes, yes. They're bigger than this big! I used to be a CEE. But now?!!!!" Dr. Rey is faboo!!
I have no idea what she served, except for a platter of breasts. The photographer doesn't even try any more. He's fixated. Damn, if I had that rack, I'd give it a rest every now and then. But Giada likes 'em front and center and in yo face. Enjoy it while you can, Sweetie.


Marilyn said...

Well, I know that Mr. P. will be a very happy man once he sees this post.

Mr. P said...

Nice post. Thanks!!