Tuesday, November 16, 2010

October 15. Checking Out Vegas.

We take a Trip Down the Strip.

This line is waiting for ...
... the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.
Mr. Hawthorne loves the program Pawn Stars
on the History Channel,
so this was a high point of Vegas for him.

The Sahara.
Circus Circus Hotel Casino.
 I have Bozophobia, so I won't be going here.
Wynn Hotel in the back.

Caesar's Palace.

Caesar hailing a cab.
Hot babes.

Marie's teeth are crooked on the side of the building.
 It's quite disconcerting.

 Now look at these pictures of Marie: Look how attractive Marie is.
Was. Speaking of Marie, I happened to catch her on Oprah the other day. She did NOT look like Old Marie. She looked like NUMarie. Talk about unsettling. This is so very sad.
 Look at those lips!
 Did Marie learn NOTHING from Lisa Lips?
 I remember the Marie interview was on Thursday,
 which I thought ironic, since the previous night,
we were treated to Lisa Rinna's lip reduction on Harry Loves Lisa.

 Let's look at some before pictures of Lisa: A naturally beautiful woman decides to take things into her own hands.
 And look what happens. Finally, Lisa reversed this situation.

  And just look what Joan Van Ark did to herself: And here was the lovely Hunter Tylo: And look what she had done.
What were these women thinking?
 I'm sorry.
 I digress. Back to Vegas.

 Click on this if only to see the fountains.
 And I have my own videos of the fountains.
 Coming up soon.
Elvis sighting.

The illusion disappears.

MGM Lion at the MGM Grand. Next is the Luxor Hotel:
The Pyramid.
With the obligatory utility pole front and center.
I like this picture of the Harley Davidson wheel
with the pretty shiny hotel in the background.
Alien sighting.

The Stratosphere.
It has rides up there.
 For example: SkyJump Insanity X-Scream
 Won't get my ass up there on a ride.
 I hate rides.
 I didn't even care about riding to the top
 to see the view of Vegas.
 I'd already seen it from the troops.
 Same as neither one of us
 wanted to go up the Space Needle in Seattle.
 We'd already been at birds' eyes views of America.
 We'd been on Bear Tooth Highway
 going to Yellowstone National Park.
 We'd been at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park.
 We'd been on Going To The Sun Road
 in Glacier National Park.
 We had no desire to go overlook overbuilt cities.
 Especially, Vegas, which is an assault to all senses.
 Or at least to all of mine.
 OK. I'll take back assault.
 And give you sensory overload.

I've never seen lights like these before.
 I have a video of them I'll post later.
 These are two lanes going straight forward.
 Look at the lights at the intersection.
The one on the left is red; the one on the right, green.
They turn, every few seconds, alternatively.
 Maybe 1 or 2 cars get out, on one side, on each light change.
 Very interesting.
8:36 PM in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I especially liked this picture.


Lane said...

LOVE the last pic too.

Mr. P said...

Neat pictures. Thanks for brining us along on your trip.