Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rosie Makes Turkey Salad.

After Mr. Hawthorne made the Kentucky Hot Browns, we still had a bit of turkey leftover. You know I don't like the term leftover so I'm making Moreover turkey salad. There's no recipe for turkey or chicken salad. Add ingredients, taste, adjust. This is just one of many variations. Just a guideline from the novice in the kitchen. I chunk-chopped the turkey. Already there is a problem, since Mr. Hawthorne doesn't like chunky. He prefers pulled, shredded. I like chunks though, so guess what we're having.
Chop up some onion, celery, red and green peppers.
I sprinkled freshly ground salt and pepper over top, then added about a teaspoon or two of sugar.
A tablespoon or two of soy sauce. Gives it a little zing.
Mayo went in.
Veggies in.
Toasted whole almonds. Toasting intensifies the almond flavor.
Add whole red seedless grapes. I keep them whole so they won't make the salad all watery. Mix well and serve. Enjoy.


Marilyn said...

Hm, I never thought to add soy sauce to turkey salad. Thanks for the idea, Rosie!

dle1004 said...

I will have to try soy sauce next time also...I also throw in cranberries with the grapes and cooked chilled pasta..usually spirals to make it pretty!! I love making this salad.