Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rosie Gets Creative With Moreovers - A Rustic Moreover Mexican Soup.

 Rosie has leftovers.
She has pork, rice, and beans from the tacos
she made for Middle Hawthorne.
Now Boy will never eat this as is.
He's already had it.
 And that has never happened before.

Marinated pork, beans and rice,
apple slaw, rum flambéed pineapple slices,
fried tortillas, and fried puffy tortillas (!).
See here for the post.
The video of the flambé is worth the price.

Rosie must get creative.
It can't even look the same.
It's Moreover time!

Please, follow along with me,
as I make Moreover Mexican Rustic Soup
for my Little Hawthornelet.
He'll think I've slaved all day over this.
A quick trip outside produced Padron peppers.
If you've never tried Padron peppers,,
you're missing a treat.
Simply blister them in hot oil - I prefer a fruity extra virgin-
 and sprinkle on some sea salt.
The fun part?
The heat varies from pepper to pepper.

Outer Banks SeaSalt
Outer Banks Epicurean
Thanks again, Amy! 
Lovely dish by Kinnakeet Clay
Coarse chop some red and green peppers
of varying degrees of heat.

Chop an onion.

Swirl a little oil in a hot pan
and sweat the peppers and onions for a few minutes.

The pork was marinated first,
then pan-seared and cooked until a light pink in center,
then sliced.

Add pork to the vegetables.
Stir fry.

Add in a box of beef broth,
scraping up the goodie bits on the bottom of the pan.
That's ALL flavor.

Can of drained corn in.

A can of beef broth.

Add in leftover rice and beans.
I cooked this on low low low for an hour or so,
stirring occasionally.
It's intensely rich.

I added in a second can of beef broth.

Add cumin to taste.
Start with a teaspoon.
Heat through.

See the bowl in the background?
Bought that set in Rawlins, Wyoming,
at a little Asian shop,
on our last trip across country.

I sliced the avocado,
gave it some lime-luvin',
and gave it a gay sprig of cilantro.

Rustic Moreover Soup.

Beef stock.
Pork strips.
Peppers and onions.
Rice and black beans.

This was some serious scrumptiousness.
Scooped it up the next day with Tostitos.
Most excellent.

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