Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some Things I'd Like To Share With You.

 I have a few pictures
I'd like to share with my readers.
I've collected them over the past few weeks
and think they deserve their very own post,
instead of being stuck in the middle of a post
about my making croissants or something.
Speaking of croissants,
I did a little research on them today
and they will feature in an upcoming post.
Lucky me!

 Now, before you scroll down to the next picture,
I want you to look at Mr. Hawthorne's jacket
and see if you find something ... off?
 Look closely.

It's a jacket for dummies.

 This pocket can only be used for your cell phone.
And it's the ol' timey cell phone 
so your phone probably won't fit.
And it's for left-handed people.

Next thing you know,
we will have a pocket designated for KEYS.
I do not like this turn of events.

I was getting ready to set the table toss utensils on the counter
and found my forks in the drawer in this compromising position
 Rather cheeky, I thought.

 Colington Halloween.
A few shots from the car.
 Happy Halloween!

And please check out my October column
in the Outer Banks Voice - Opulent October Offerings.

You'll get to see all sorts of yummy stuff,
for example: 
  This is a wonderful Pear Tart
with Almond Crust and Apricot Glaze.
 This is Mama Hawthorne's Apple Crisp.

  Rosie's Corn Custard-Stuffed Acorn Squash.

  Creamy Cheesy Bacony Broccoli Soup.


Mel said...

I love you, Rosie. That is all.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Awwww, shucks Mel. Right back atcha!