Monday, September 13, 2010

My Semi-Ho Is Baaaaack!

Can I just say WHOOT?!!!?
A brand new season of Semi-Ho with Sandra Lee started Sunday at 11:30. I don't know about you, but I'm freakin' ecstatic!
Sandra had a wardrobe change after making crappy food and returned in a ... ... bathrobe! ?
The tablescape never ceases to amaze. This one is neon pink and chartreuse and it's positively phosphorescent.
Could you sit at this table? Could you imagine eating at this table? What's hanging down from the ceiling? Bitch actually had gift bags for her "guests." It was a bag with the initial of the guest pasted on, a plastic frog hot-glued on the bag, and a seed packet of English peas. Yes. You heard that correctly. Whilst I think this is a lovely gift bag, I'm curious about one thing. The initial. What if you have Steve and Susan and Sara and Sam and Sh'n'k' at the partay in addition to Sandra? Would my crockpot implode?
The bitch is positively giddy.
And she's getting ready to blow me a kiss! (But it looks like she just mighta thrown up a little bit.) I LLLLLLLLLLooovvvvvve you, Danie.... eh, Sandra. Click the I loveuDanielle. I DVR'd this and when I went back to check, Snads had made a bunch of crap and tasted none of it ... until she got to her cocktail. I love this woman.


Anonymous said...

I want a Rosie gift bag! Pweeze?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Xmaskatie, you shall have one. Tomorrow.

See ya!

zzzadig said...

Good Lord! It looks like a dream sequence from a hispanic cheerleader's nightmare. Hope the gift bags included Prozac.

SweetPhyl said...

Good Lord! It looks like Carmen Miranda threw up all over the damn place. My eyes, it hurts my eyes!